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Why Small Bookies Need a Pay Per Head Partner

The best Pay Per Head partner can grow a small betting business into a large empire.

Recently, we chat with a small bookie that has 20 recurrent players. During five years, this bookie has developed a close relationship with his clients.

This bookie handles all his activity with spreadsheets where he registers wagers, calculates how much he needs to pay and collect, and he even calculates his profits from each bet. Furthermore, all communication with players is through phone calls.

This bookie thinks that it is already using enough technological tools to manage its betting business. Moreover, he believes that it does not need a Pay Per Head provider because its operation is too small.

No business is too small.

Small betting businesses can benefit the most from a good Pay Per Head partner.

In fact, with the help of a good provider, a small business can become a betting empire in no time.

Per Head companies have the best technology in betting products and services. Therefore by partnering with one of these companies, bookies can offer their customers state-of-the-art betting products.

In addition, thanks to the robust tools and platforms of the Per Head companies, bookies can automate and delegate much of the less important tasks of the business. In fact, a bookie can optimize their time by 65% by properly utilizing the tools of a Pay Per Head provider.

The Cost of a Pay Per Head Provider

Many smaller bookies believe that a Per Head provider is too expensive. This is why they do not partner with one.

The truth is that a Pay Per Head provider is quite inexpensive. These companies use a fee schedule based on active players. Therefore, the cost will depend on the activity of the business. In other words, if your business is small, you will pay a very low monthly cost.

A Pay Per Head provider can help your business get to the next level. Moreover, from the first day you partner with a provider, you will see your revenue grow, and your business takes off at a faster pace.

If you want to grow along with the gambling industry and line your pockets, you must have a good Pay Per Head partner.